Everyone Deserves the Family of Their Dreams.

We can help you, step by step.


Our mission is to educate people about surrogacy as a path to parenthood. By providing a personalized approach for both surrogates and intended parents, we aim to make the process more attainable and inclusive.

Newborn Baby with Mom


Rainbow Life is a family-owned small business that does one thing and does it well, connecting surrogates and families in New York State. Founded on the principals that surrogacy should and can be attainable, Rainbow Life is an inclusive and empathetic agency that provides the personal touch you are looking for and need in your surrogacy journey, from start to finish.

At Rainbow Life, we offer a personalized experience, including matching, prenatal, gestational, and postnatal care. We work with the best professionals that understand the comprehensive and unique process of surrogacy in New York. Our goal is to give families and surrogates the support and knowledge you need to make informed decisions throughout your entire journey, because everyone deserves the family of their dreams.


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