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8 Steps to Surrogacy - Step 2 - Preparation

This Includes, research for understanding, decisions to steer you, finances to calculate, documents to inform, and support to strengthen. Each part can affect the others requiring adjustments along the way.

Preparation, for parents and surrogates, is vital to starting a successful journey and will help you be more informed as you move forward. There is much to process, but we are here to help you through each part.

In this step:

  • Research surrogacy in whatever way is familiar to you. There are many resources available in various media.

  • There are many decisions to be made along the way. Knowing the questions are just as important as determining the answers.

  • Financial costs and compensation related to surrogacy are calculated early on.

  • There is an abundance of paperwork. Some documents need to be collected and some generated.

  • Build your support team from the start to help emotionally and for practical purposes.


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