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8 Steps to Surrogacy - Step 3 - Screening

This step is to verify both surrogates and parents are emotionally, physically, and mentally equipped to begin a surrogacy journey. Each part is necessary to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone and reach the final goal, the birth of a healthy baby.

In this step:

- Medical records are collected and current evaluations are completed by health professionals to check for possible infectious diseases or conditions that could impact IVF treatments. All birth records and an obstetrician’s letter for the surrogate are collected and evaluated for any potential complications.

- Background information such as; criminal, civil, bankruptcy, credit, employment, references, child abuse, and driving history is investigated to verify positive personal conduct for all parties including any adults in the surrogate’s residence.

- Psychological consultation is performed by a licensed mental health worker to determine if all individuals understand matters such as risks, personality impacts, life experience influences, roles during pregnancy and after delivery. The surrogate’s partner is included in this process.

- Lab Tests are completed to protect the surrogates and future fetuses. Parents, surrogates and their partners, are tested for infectious diseases. Surrogates will take a drug test and complete a pap smear or have had one recently.

Final surrogate screening takes place after matching at the intended parent’s fertility clinic to check uterine health.

Congratulations, you made it and are now ready to take the next step in your amazing journey.


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