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Can I Make a Difference?

Can I make a difference? YOU CAN make a difference! Being a surrogate changes your life and the life of many others.

So many lives have been changed forever thanks to the help of surrogates all over the country. We have finally seen the difference surrogacy makes here in NY. Our founder knows the difference surrogacy makes with the birth of his own son. Here are some examples of how surrogate's and parent's lives in NY are changed:

  • CNN Brasil Soft recently aired a comprehensive story from surrogates, parents, and professionals, "Barrigas de aluguel"

  • The Cut had an article, "Surrogacy in New York: 'I Want to Do This for Someone Else'"

  • Northwell Health shares a patient's testimonial, "Two sisters united by the bond of surrogacy"

  • The New York Times had an article back when the NY law was put into effect, "Meet the Women Who Become Surrogates"

  • Fox News has a personal story about a cancer survivor having a child through surrogacy, "New York mom describes having a baby after cancer: 'Science is incredible'"

This is just a fraction of the stories about the many New Yorkers whose lives were changed by surrogacy. If you would like to be a surrogate in NY and help future parents in NY, let us know. We would also love to hear about the experiences of anyone in NY that has recently completed a surrogacy journey.

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