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8 Steps to Surrogacy - Step 1 - Embryo

Oftentimes, embryos are created before the search for a surrogate begins. This is part of the IVF process and makes gestational surrogacy possible.

In this step:

  • The Intended Parent(s) provide their gametes and/or get help from a donor.

  • Fertilization can be done conventionally or through direct injection (ICSI). They are incubated and graded for up to 7 days when it hatches. Yes, we all hatched at one time.

  • Sometimes preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) is done to evaluate the embryo's genetic qualities or diseases.

  • Embryos are then cryopreserved for hopeful use. Water is replaced with a protective fluid and flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen to be stored below -266° F.


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